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We have convience options not available on any other websites. Instant view on cards up for sale by the broadcaster and his auctioneers!

All you need for start

All you need to start

Our prestige broadcasters here have the ability to help you sell your sports cards and collectibles in record fast timing, normally only taking a 10% or less fee our Rapid Consignment service!!

Clean code

Safe & Sound

Every person part of our community is approved by the owner first before we construct any sales for them. Also you are covered by the Host of the room if the seller of the card ends up not shipping or if someway the new owner does not receive the card in the end. The Seller is 100 percent responsible to get it to them but in a case that they do not and do not want to either pay the cost of the card ran or send a replacement card then that person (seller) will be banned and the new owner will be taken care of!!

Clean code

Everyone's a Winner!

In the final raffle, the top spot is the winner of the card shown in the que. The other 9 spots win a 3 card base pack that they can have shipped to them or if they chose not to receive these then they will be donated to different children organizations!! Also different Host do different things to give CREDITS or FREE Card or other Giveaways as they choose!!